Shane Sullivan Design Studio

A self-branding project and thesis that focuses around the use of perception and perspective. At every corner of Shane Sullivan's logo is a different view of the cube that encases both name and a beard portrait.(Shane's vitiligo, a disease causing no pigment in the skin, is the white chunk.) Screen printing was used to create business cards while inkjet was used for the resume and other branding material. Shane researched and interviewed Koichi Sato about his poster designs and wrote a paper discussing the work and ideologies. The thesis paper and branding were then designed into a handmade book with a wooden cover. Accompanying the book in the NEXT 2015 Exhibition at Corcoran Museum of Art + Design were four posters that were mounted onto a 40" x 60" wooden panel.

Design to Change Perceptions
Screen Printed Buisness Cards
Hand printed and cut by Shane Sullivan
Paper - Smooth Desert Storm Environment Paper - Neenah Paper, Inc.
Shane Sullivan's 2015 Portfolio Book:
Cover Jacket
138 Inside Pages
(Here are a few spreads)
The Resume
Thesis Research and Design:
Displayed in NEXT 2015 at the Corcoran Museum of Art and Design
"Luminous" - a book about Koichi Sato, a Japanese poster and graphic designer from the 70's - now.
Handmade book - pouches inside include larger pull out reproductions of posters by Koichi Sato.
Thesis posters inspired by Koichi Sato's posters and ideology.
Exhibited Posters Display for NEXT 2015 at Corcoran Museum of Art and Design
Signature Logo based on the Japanese Hanko Stamp
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